Where to Rent a Car in My First Trip to Cancun

It is normal that in your first trip to cancun you do not know where to rent a car in cancun and the advantages of this service are many, you have the car 24 hours a day, you can go from place to place without wasting time spending little money on transport, in The interior of Cancun airport there are a few car rental companies Hertz Mexico, Budget, Thrifty, Avis, Europcar Cancún are some of the agencies where you can make your car reservation, but the best option is to book in advance from your website Why are they constantly publishing offers?

If you do not reserve in advance a car, when you arrive at the airport of cancun you will find car rental companies. Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, Avis, Europcar, Alamo are all good already depends on choice.


Do you need more taxis or rent a car at Cancun airport?

It is cheaper the rent of an economic car are small cars with a cost of $ 300 pesos per day, the taxis of the international airport of cancun have rates depending on the area where you go, from the airport to the hotel zone of cancun have a cost Approx. Of 400 pesos, so it is convenient to rent a car that you will have at your disposal 24 hours a day and if it is an advantage to have it because if the hotel you booked does not have an all-inclusive plan you can walk along the Kukulkan Boulevard where Concentrate the best restaurants overlooking the Nichupte Lagoon and some overlooking the Beach.

The Taxis with route from the airport to the hotel zone of cancun their rates are high, the best option is to rent an economic car that for regular cost per day 24 hours is $ 400 pesos with basic insurance, the car has room for 5 passengers and a trunk .


Where can I find the cheapest car rental in cancun?

Lauda Travel, Bestday, Pricetravel and Expedia offer cheap car offers paying up to 20 months without interest, the requirements to rent a car in the city of cancun are credit card to cover the insurance and current driver’s license, the car is the best Option to move in cancun and its surroundings why travel at the time you want and is much cheaper, the rent of a cheap car in cancun is approx. 350 pesos per day with basic insurances, the cheap car models you can choose are the Spark of the Ford brand, i10 of the brands Dodge, Honda and Hiunday.

The best auto economy car is the Spark or similar model known as i10, the best place to rent it is with travel agencies like LaudaTravel, Bestday, Pricetravel as you have the possibilities to pay up to 20 months without interest.


Is it convenient to rent a car in Cancun if you travel with 6 people?

In order to travel to your hotel the cost per person is approximately 300 pesos per person, which would increase one to the cost in transportation, the rent of a car for 6 passengers is approximately 700 pesos per day so if rent agrees A car, the surplus that you would pay for the transfer of the 6 people you can take advantage of to book excursions in cancun or in the riviera maya, another advantage of renting the car is that you have independence and you have your time to mobilize where you want spending less.

For 6 people if the rent of car in cancun agrees for the transfer of the airport to the hotel is approximately $ 300 pesos per person which increases the cost in transfer, also with a car you move from one place to another without problem.


How to Get a Good Travel Plan to Visit Xcaret, Hel-ha, Xplor

To visit Xcaret, Hel-ha, Xplor and Xenotes it will take you a full day to get to know each park, at Bestday and Lauda Travel they handle xcaret experiences packages that include the Xcaret Tour, Xel-Ha, Xplor with transportation included, the park has 10% discount if you show your identification with Mexican nationality. In xel-ha and xcaret you can snorkel in their rivers and lagoons and at night you would witness a live show presenting Mexican history through time, explor is an extreme sports park you can To drive amphibious cars and to know its caverns and subterranean rivers, to cross the forest from his tirolesas is something out of series.

If you travel with family to the Riviera Maya it is convenient to rent a van and the transfer to these theme parks is approximately 450 pesos, if you travel alone you should include the transfer because you end up exhausted and you will have to recover energies to continue knowing the other parks.



The renter of Autos Avant Rent a Car is a totally reliable agency is a young company in cancun that has few branches if you book on your website or by telephone when you arrive at the international airport of cancun one of your agents will be waiting for you Give yourself your car, of course, when you make your reservation you have to provide your number and time of arrival.

Avant Rent young renter in the City of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the rent price of your cars are very cheap compared to agencies with more number of branches in Cancun.


Cars Trucks in Cancun Reliable

All car rentals in cancun are reliable lauda travel and Best Day offer car rentals at the airport for up to 20 months with parcipant cards, car rental companies like Europcar Cancun, Fox Cancun, Avis, Hertz Mexico have counters at the airport, But it is better to book online since the web of these agencies publish promotions constantly.
When Renten an Auto check every detail because at the moment of delivery can detect a rayon in some part of the car and you will be charged, something else you must add the insurance that you believe necessary because it will be more expensive damage that you can cause.

Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Nationacar, Dollar, LaudaTravel, Bestday, Pricetravel, Alamo are reliable car rental companies offering up to 20 months with no interest, it is advisable to book 2 weeks before to find deals.


Should You Rent a Car in a Group?

When you plan your trips to cancun to spend your vacations with a group of friends you arrive the question of whether or not you agree to rent a car, if you already have plans to visit one of the best attractions of the Mexican Caribbean then it is advisable to reserve a rental of Cars in cancun because with a GPS or a map of the city you can guide without problems, the tours of xcaret include the transfer but with an additional cost 400 pesos aprox. Per person, and the rental of a car is approximately 300 pesos per 24 hours.

If you travel to Cancun in the company of your friends rent a car to mobilize has the advantage that the car you have at your disposal

Most Reliable Companies to Rent a Car in Cancun

The reliable agencies to rent a car in cancun are Best day, Europcar, Pricetravel, Laudatravel, Alamo, it is advisable to rent a car so that if you decide to visit the tours near cancun the transfer to those attractions of 450pesos per person aprocimadamente, the advantage of Having the car is that you can go from another place without wasting time and it is cheaper to pay transfers of 350 pesos per person approximately.

The reliable car rental companies and agencies in the city of cancun are Europcar, Alamo, LaudaTravel, Bestday, Price Tracel, Nationalcar, most offer car rentals paying up to 20 months without interest with participating cards.

Cost of Car Rental in Cancun Does this service fit?

The cost of cars in cancun varies depending on the models to choose and in number of passengers, cheap cars for 4 passengers such as Matiz, i10, spark or similar have a cost from 250 pesos for 24 hours, family vans as subruban, Explorer, caravan, you agree a car because you save the transfer from the airport to the hotel and you can move everywhere in both the city and the hotel zone of cancun.

It is convenient to rent a car because the transfer from one place to another is a shortly 70 pesos per person, another advantage is that you save time in moving around the downtown area and hotel zone of Cancun.

It is a good idea to rent a car in cancun if there are only two people

Renting a car is convenient for 2 people as you have the advantage of mobilizing without problems, for 2 people is a total savings a taxi in cancun by regular you get to charge for the number of people the cost goes up to $ 120 pesos per trip, Another advantage of having a car is that you can visit the tourist destinations near cancun, if you go to xcaret, xel-ha is also recommended the car since if you include the transfer in any of these activities is approximately $ 450 pesos per person and the Car rental per day is approximately $ 500 pesos for 24 hours.

It is convenient to rent a car for 2 people because you save time and money, if you visit xcaret, hel-ha or some similar the transfer to these activities of approx. 450 pesos and a car for 24 hours the price goes from 350 pesos.


Is it convenient to rent a car in Cancun?

Renting a car in cancun if it is convenient since the taxi fare is approximately 60 pesos for short journeys, the advantage of renting a car is that you can move from one place to another in the city of cancun and its surrounding areas, if only You move on the kukulkan Boulevard you can take the urban transport with an approximate cost of $ 9 pesos, the car rental in cancun is approximately $ 300 pesos with third party damage insurance.

The car rental Cancun is fully recommended if you visit the attractions near Cancun as the cost of a taxi is $ 70 pesos average.

Do you know how the car rentals in Cancun work?

What cancun car rental companies ask the users is a credit card to make the car lock if you rent a van the amount of the block is greater, the deposit that you make with your credit card is to ensure that the car that You rent it in cancun delivered it without damage and with the full tank as it is delivered to you.
If at the time of delivery the car detects scratches, dirt in the seats or that the tank is not full will charge your credit card for those faults committed.

In order to rent a car in cancun it is necessary to have credit card, driver’s license and above all check any details that the car has, booking online is fast and easy.

It is advisable to hire the unlimited plan so that you do not have to worry about mileage consumption and if you plan to do long trips, check that the tires are in perfect condition.


Trici Taxis new Transportation in Playa del Carmen

The Trici Taxis established in the Fifth Avenue Juarez previously only transferred luggage but now they have started with a new service to transport people because they already wear uniforms and have rotuleado their transport unit, the income of the operated ones increases in season of Easter .
The cost of the service is approximately $ 30 pesos arriving to the pier but can reach the colossus and ejido, comment the operators of the Tricitaxis that for tourists is very attractive to travel in their units touring the streets of Playa del Carmen, currently The union is made up of 50 members who say that in the high season they can make up to 30 trips.

Tricitaxis new way of transport in Playa del Carmen, for foreign tourism this new service is pleasant as they live the experience of touring the streets of Playa del Carmen in the open air.


Exotic Cars Lamborghinis and Ferraris in Cancun

Now in cancun you can already travel in Lamborghinis and Ferraris because the cancun taxi drivers’ union launched its new service I Want Taxi Exotic, this new service will have luxury cars like Lamborgini, Sports Audis, Mercedez Benz Gaviota Wings and Ferrari, with this New service the union will compete against the Uber service, the application of this

The Cancun syndicate Launched a new service I want Taxi Exotic luxury car service like Lamborgini, Sport Audis, Mercedez Benz Gaviota Wings and Ferrari, with this will face UBER CANCUN.

Cancun operates with 80% and 90% in Car Rental

The 45 car rental companies in cancun have an activity of between 85% and 90% and expect that by the week of 2015 they will reach 100% based on the reservations registered in the first 4 months.
Tourists coming from the United States are the ones who predominate the rental of cars renting up to 8 days the unit because they venture to explore the attractions near Cancun with Chichén Itzá and Cobá, in exchange European tourism sometimes gets to book a car until For 15 days or even a month since they decide to move to states near Quintana Roo, the price of cars varies from 600 pesos per day up to 2000 pesos.

The car rental companies have operated the 4 months of the year 2016 with 80% and 90% estimate that for Easter they reach 100% in the rent of their cars their prices oscillate between $ 600 pesos and $ 200 pesos.


Cancun Top Destination in Car Rental

Cancun has become the tourist destination with the most car rental in cancun during the summer vacations. The average rent that users book is 3 to 4 days, the most rented cars were the cheap cars and the family vans, the increase in Car rental is because tourists are aiming to save time and money. Travel agencies recommend booking 40 days prior to avoiding availability.

During the Summer Vacation there was a big increase in car rental in Cancun, with this mode of transportation tourists save time and money during their vacations in Cancun.


Bisicletas Electricas in Cancun

ElectroBike chose Quintana Roo to sell its electric bicycles and seeks to become the first company in this market to Isla Mujeres with a sustainable transportation rental project.
The bicycle rental is already in process and Isla Mujeres would be the first destination to use this new means of transport, the advantages of this new transport is that they use an electric motor because it does not emit CO2 in addition that the bicycle can be recycled.
Another advantage is that the Battery Charges are fast and last from 3 to 4 hours traveling 30 to 40 km, the bikes have pedals for in case the load is not able to move the bike the driver makes use of the pedals ,

The bicycle has a counter that indicates the amount of battery remaining, the speed that reaches this means of transport is 25 kilometers per hour, to be able to use this means of transportation is not necessary to have a license to drive.


Cancun is already a Luxury Brand

Luis Vuitton launched a trip in tribute to Cancun, but the Gucci and Rolls Royce have also used the brand of cancun in their designs for luxury tourism that likes to vacation to places Great tourism and stay in Luxury Hotels and To taste gourmet dishes in the best restaurants of cancun.
Rolls Royce unveils Cancun in their calendars and Gucci does it in their unlimited edition handbags.

Cabas will launch a bag in honor of cancun the design of Gianvito Rosi is a bag made by hand and woven in linen with cotton and Teflon that will prevent the passage of water this genuine bag will be vintage style but very beach.

Luis Vuitton, Gucci and Rolls Royce pay homage to Cancún by including the name of cancun in their designs, Rolls Royce does it in their calendars and Luis Vuitton, Gucci in their limited edition Handbags.

Cancun will have Tourist Information Modules

Tourists will receive a tourist map in several languages ​​Punta Cancún and Playa Tortugas will have their own Tourist information module, the modules will be supervised by authorities and hotel entrepreneurs, the modules will be attended by young people with a career in Tourism.
The modules will be supervised to prevent tourists from being trapped and selling tourist or timeshare packages.

The Tourist Information Modules of Cancun will be attended by young people with a career in Tourism, the brochures and maps will be printed in different languages.


Mercedes Benz and Porsche Luxury Cars in Cancun

Foreign tourism goes by the elegance and comfort when renting a car, of course as well as sunbathing on the best beaches in cancun but also enjoy driving luxury cars and touring the streets of cancun the most rented luxury cars are Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Hummer, Rolls Royce and Daimler Chrysler, the cost of these cars is approximately 55 and 800 dollars for 24 hours and from 98 to 500 thousand dollars for 24 hours.
The requirements to rent a car is to be 25 years of age licensed to drive with a minimum of 3 years as a driver and pay by credit card to cover the guarantee deposits, agencies comment that American tourism rent cars from one to two weeks.

United States tourism prefers to rent luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Hummer, Rolls Royce and Daimler Chrysler with a cost of up to 800 dollars for 24 hours.


Cancun Goes for Luxury Tourism

In the year 2015 the city of Cancun received one million 481 thousand tourists of the luxury segment leaving a spill of 4 million dollars the occupation of luxury tourism is of the 75.5% is expected that for the year 2016 this segment reaches 8% more , Travel agencies commented that tourists are looking for hotels with great tourism and cancun rating has 6 luxury hotels, 16 five star hotels and boutique hotels, usually luxury tourism booking luxury cars purchase designer clothing and performs Excursions in the best attractions of Cancun.

Cancun attracts 75.2% of luxury tourism this in 2015 for the year 2016 is expected an increase of 8% the hotel zone of cancun has 6 Gran Turismo hotels for this market.


The Best Selling Cars of 2015

President Peña Nieto inaugurated the Goodyear plant in San Luis Potosi in April and now in Chihuahua will inaugurate the 3rd Ford plant in Chihuahua, manufacturing 10 million nissan cars, in the first five months of 2015, 50,000 cars were sold at At the end of the year 2015 a total of 182 thousand 798 cars were sold. Aveo (GM) 28 thousand 513, Wind (VW) 23 thousand 268, Versa (Nissan) 23 thousand 229, Tsuru (Nissan) 20 thousand 514, Spark (GM) 19 thousand 344, March 17 thousand 995, New Jetta (VW) 14 thousand 639, Sentra 2.0 (Nissan) 12 thousand 880, Matiz (GM) 11 thousand 217, Chasis Largo (Nissan) 11 thousand 199.

Aveo, Vento, Versa, Tsuru, Spark, March, Jetta, Sentra, Matiz, are the most sold cars in Mexico in total, 182 thousand 798 cars were sold in 2015.

Uber Pool

Uber will launch a new way of traveling by car is Uber Pool users will share the same car that go to the same destination so reduce travel costs but this mode will only be available in federal district, the new uber service will be cheaper parato for users Paying a rate of 30% plus this application will reduce the number of cars in the city of Mexico.

Uber Pool is a new mode of traveling users will share the same car traveling to the same destination thus reducing the cost of the trip.


In 2018 the Flying Cars would leave

The US company Terrafugia in a press release commented that for the year 2018 would have for sale cars flying the name of the cars serious TF-X will have two elices similar to those of an elicoptero these will allow you to raise the design of the car will allow you to land and Take off horizontally.
The TF-X car will reach a speed of 322 kilometers per hour and will have an intelligent prototype that will allow the car to be driven autonomously.
The cost of the car will be approximately 5 million pesos and the driver must have a pilot license to be able to handle this car of the future.

Terrafugia is the first company that will have for sale the first flying car with a cost of 261 thousand dollars, in addition the driver must have pilot’s license to be able to handle this car that reaches speeds of 322 kilometers.


Aston Martin Will Have Electric Cars

Aston Martin will compete with the Model S of Tesla Motors, the electric car will be on sale in 2018.

Aston Martin will compete with Tesla cars launching its first electric car in 2018 with this new car is intended to decrease Co2.

100% Hotel Occupation at the New Year’s End 2015

The occupation of hotels in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera has reached 100% in season, and it is expected that the occupation will continue until January 3 and 4, Mayan Riviera occupies 83%, but in the first Fortnight of December was accelerated and reached 100% due to the Christmas festivities.
Isla Mujeres and Holbox have maintained their hotel occupancy by 100%, both domestic tourists and those from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Argentina, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Holland, Brazil, Chile, Belgium and Switzerland are the ones who love the Beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, the airport of cancun mobilized to 18 million passengers since since 19 of December registered 490 flights daily.

The car rental in cancun confirms that all units are reserved for the month of December, the ADO bus terminal commented that daily mobilizes between 700 and 800 passengers with an average of 25 daily races transferring passengers to chetumal and Merida.

Increase Online Car Rents

80% of car rental reservations in Cancun were made online, most of the reservations were made by national tourism, of the 19 thousand cars that provide the service in the state of Quintana Roo, 20% is reserved by foreign tourism , The city of Cancun has 45 car rental companies, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel are the most demanded tourist destinations, approximately 8500 cars rent in Cancun.

The National Tourism I reserve the 80 & of the autos utizando like medium the internet this increment reflects that it is easier and fast to book in the web.


Car Rental Companies Are Suspended

8 modules of car rental companies were suspended by Profeco de cancun for not respecting the prices of the cars they show on their website and for the little information they show about the information of additional services because in their modules of customer service were suspended With Seal of Closing for 30 days.
The companies have 30 days to demonstrate before profeco that they have already been corrected the faults committed otherwise they will be the creditors to another new fine.

Fox, Avis, National, Europcar, Hertz, Alamo, Thrifty, Budget and Dollar Rent a Car are leased companies that were suspended for not respecting their prices shown on their website.


Greeting Cards Turistico Corridor Cancun-Tulum

Those who make a car rental in Cancun and decide to travel through the corridor of Tulum, with the carrying of the tourist card will be protected tourists who rent cars the benefits will be for those who comment minor road shortages for not knowing the transit rules of Mexico and Quintana Roo.
For example in the returns of the beaches of Cancun the return is made in the first return and in Mexico we turn until the second and it is there where the tourists are violated for not knowing that lack. In the state there are 115 car companies and 22 thousand Cars to provide the service, 12 thousand cars are in cancun to provide the service of rent.
The Tarjeton is necessary since the travelers travel to nearby places of cancun to know its main attractions.

The Federal Police, Direction of Transit and Tourism of the municipalities of Quintana roo, will be given a unique Tourism Card that will avoid fines for minor traffic offenses.


Toyota Camry Classic Car

Toyota Camry Auto Collection has been part of historical echos so the owner of this car has put it on sale, the owner used digital marketing to sell his car using social media, used different scenarios of famous movies where The car is part of the ecennial, in the images the car appears with the Beatles musical group on the cover of Abbey Road, another of the scenarios where it appears this car is winged James Bond and the saga of Fast and Furious, the Owner ensures whoever buys this car will have the opportunity to own a part of Automotive history.

This classic 4-cylinder car with a value of 10 thousand pesos, assures its owner Nick that the car is in good condition and is part of the Automotive History.


Classic Cars Parade on Fifth Avenue

Cars from Europe, South America, Cuba and Mexico paraded in the Mayan Rally, there are 100 classic cars that made a presence in playa del carmen on May 7, 2015, the classics will travel approximately 400 kilometers in a crossing through 3 states during a period of 6 days, this tour will serve to boost the Mayan culture.
Jaime Novelo commented that this event is not to compete in cars but rather the intention is to publicize the beauties of Mayan culture, from its constumbres, its food and natural landscapes.

At 9:30 in the morning, the Classic Caravan parade along the Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen, Eugenio Martín del Campo, organizer of the event commented that the event will reach the Yucatan peninsula where 115 classic cars from the year 1915 parcipiar Year 1973, the cars will be handled by pilots of the countries of France, Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Chile.

Car Rental Fleet Renewed in Quintana Roo

The Quintana Roo car rental companies renewed their fleet of cars adding cheap cars from two ports to luxury cars, 6300 cars were renewed from 9,000 thousand cars that are part of the 45 car rental companies in Quintana Roo.
The lessors said that the cars are renewed every year with the aim of offering the best service and quality so that users can make long trips, Merida and Tulum are the places that most tourists visit when they vacation in Cancun, Maintenance to the cars every 15 thousand kilometers.

Car agencies have renewed their units because tourists make long trips to Chichen Itza, Tulum and the Yucatan peninsula.


More than 300 thousand Tarjetones are delivered to Arendadoras of Q.roo

When tourists rent a car, it is their duty to give the user the tourist card, this official document will prevent tourists from being violated for road violations during their vacations.
The Tarjetón turistico program started with 8 lessors who decided to participate in this program, Tomás Polanco Valencia added in a press conference that the ideal is that all car rental companies in Quintana Roo form part of this vehicle program.

With 8 lessees, the Tarjeton Turistico program began, benefiting tourists traveling to quintan roo tourist destinations, avoiding being violated due to lack of roads.


Car Rental Increases Your Rates

In the year 2015 are leased 19 cars circulating in the Mexican Caribbean, Tomás Polanco Valencia spokesman of the car rental companies of Quintana roo said in a press release that the increase in tariffs was due to the increase of taxes, increase of fuel, increase in The spare parts, the leader added that 80% of the 19 thousand cars of rent that transit through the Mexican Caribbean are reserved last minute and sometimes reserved a week ahead of economic cars as well as luxury cars.

Despite the increase in car fares due to the increase in taxes and fuel, users decide to book luxury and economy cars in advance.


Tourists Will Keep Cards Turistico, Quintana Roo

The tourist card is an official document that prevents tourists who rent cars in Cancun are violated by traffic agents, per day on average 40 tourist cards are delivered, previously the car rental companies withdraw the card when tourists deliver the car that Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña indicated that 5000 thousand cards were printed and that they were not retained because the tourists already carry the card, the cards are printed with the logos of Benito Juares, solidarity and Puerto Aventuras.

The tourist card will avoid infractions of tourists that rent cars in Quinta roo, currently 12 lessors have this service and 14 more are registered waiting for this program.


Car rentals in Cancun rise to 90%

Of the 600 thousand cars that exist in cancun 90% of them rent in high season, currently the state of Quintana roo has 35 landlords with a total of 19 thousand cars.
The Town Country and Suburban vans are the cars that are most rented in Easter season and the economic cars are reserved by internet in advance for couples and young singles, solidarity municipality of Playa del Carmen has 5000 thousand cars for rent, 4 To 15 days is the average that tourists rent a car and usually do it via the internet.

The rent of cars in cancun in season the rent of cars reaches 100% the rents go from 4 days minimum until 15 days, the familiar vans are rented more in Season of Holy Week.
The national tourism has increased with 70% of rents of cars for 4 days average, the tourism stay 7 days, European tourism 15 days.


Nissan Cancun Bonampak Debuts Auto Electrical

The Nissan Bonampak car agency already has available for sale the first electric car after 5 years ago announced its sale, with the Nissan Leaf model the car agency will reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide Co2.
The cost of the electric car will be approximately 545 thousand 600 pesos either cash or months without interest with a down payment of 20% and comfortable monthly payments of 8,730 pesos with a term of 72 months.

After 5 years is already on sale in Cancun the first electric car leaf version of the Nissan brand, the alternating current of the car is 80 kilowatts with a power of 107 horsepower, with the battery fully charged the car renders 168 kilometers .


Quintana Roo and Cancun will avoid tourist scams

During the holidays of the month of December will be avoided at all costs that tourists traveling to Cancun are victims of a scam with Tours or the sale of Timeshare avoiding that the vacationers take a bad image of this paradise destination.

The Tourist Bureau of Cancun works together with the tourism management so that tourists are not deceived with Tours and Times Sharing.


Tips to Save Gasoline if Rent a Car

1. Check the tire pressure as tire inflation is the main source for saving, check that the size of the tires are compatible with the car since the tires of the cars are designed for each model of car.
If the tires do not have enough pressure these forces the engine to make more effort to move the car and this generates more gasoline expense.
2.-Avoid carrying too much cargo in the trunk as this forces the engine and therefore generates fuel expense.
3.-Accelerate and brake at the same time fueling this style of driving is advisable to handle quietly at moderate speeds.
4.- Knowing the route to where we will help a lot to save fuel and knowing the shortest route is easy to obtain it by means of a GPS.

To save gasoline you must verify that the tires the car is calibrated, avoid braking and accelerates at once as this consumes gasoline for each movement.


Transito de Cancún Supervises Driving Schools

Transito de cancun supervises the schools of management in cancun with the aim of the users have confidence, in cancun there are an average of 20 schools of management and all of them comply with regulation that marks the regulation of Transit of cancun.
Having a driver’s license is an essential requirement to be able to rent a car in Cancun, so if you do not have this document you can not rent the unit an option is that one of your escorts who has a license drive the car and you only pay the car.

Cancun’s Transito management oversees 20 cancun schools to ensure they meet the requirements and build trust in students taking road courses.


Rent a Car in Cancun Use GPS in Your Cars

The GPS in the cars that provide the service of rent has helped an average of 19 thousand cars in the state of Quintana Roo since there were fewer car thefts registered since to locate them is easier by means of GPS.
The advantage of locating locators when a customer rent cars in cancun is that if it is not delivered in time and manner as specified at the time of booking it is that the car can be immobilized by means of GPS 7 of 10 cars in cancun already have this System implemented by the lessors.
Car rental companies sell additional coverage insurance in addition to the rental of the car, you have to take into account that if you do not buy the insurance that covers hit, rayon or some damage in the unit at the time of delivery the car will be charged that damage, in In 2015 the state of Quintana Roo has 19 cars in rent and 6 thousand cars are in the City of Cancun.

It happens that users who make a car rental can sometimes leave the car abandoned for a reason and with the implementation of GPG makes it possible to locate it quickly when the user does not deliver on time and form the unit.


Tips To Keep Your Car Running

If you have auto take into account the following points so that it does not leave you thrown.
BATTERY: Although your car is modern and has switches that turn off the lights and the engine automatically there is still the possibility that the battery is discharged and you have to charge it with cables but you have to follow the instructions of each vehicle to avoid being Damage any part of the system.
FAILURES IN THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Modern cars have many electrical systems so it is possible that a fault occurs in this system so it is advisable to check the fuse box that functions correctly, at the time of this review consult the driver’s manual .
AIR CONDITIONING DOES NOT COOL: When the air conditioning of a car does not work in most cases is due to a gas leak in the air ducts in the cabin, in these cases it is advisable to go to a workshop to not get worse the damage.
MINERAL OR SYNTHETIC OIL: The mineral oil and the synthetic oil are fully compatible you can mix them without causing damage to the engine if your car needs oil and you only have Mineral or Synthetic available or you hesitate to use any of them as fully compatible.

You should know that the main faults presented by a modern car are in the electrical system, so you should check your battery in a short period to prevent it from being discharged.

Summer Vacation Reserves more Cars in Cancun

The city of Cancun during the summer vacations of the year 2015 was placed like one of the tourist destinations where the tourists reserve their rent of cars in cancun, the second place it occupied Orlando and Third place Las Vegas.
The news agency Notimex in a press release reported that during the summer vacation users rent cars for at least 3 days to 4 days, the vehicles most rented during this season were cheap cars and family vans, the advantages offered by the rent Of cars is to save time and money when using urban transportation when moving from one place to another.
Something to do is find the time to reserve cars for cancun rent is to check the number of passengers and the space that provides you with luggage, the type of standard or automatic transmission, and the most important that you have air conditioning this is because in Tourist destinations like cancun temperatures are up to 28 degrees Celsius.

In a press release from the agency Notimex, reported that Cancun Mexico was the first place in the car rental at Cancun airport and the downtown area.
Another point to take into account is to make your reservation with up to 40 days in advance so you do not have problems of not finding availability especially in high season and long weekends.


Kia Motors Cancun

In the month of December of the year 2015 the Korean car company KIA Motors Cancun was installed in cancun because in a short time the car rental companies will include in their fleet cars of this new brand.
The KIA on TOUR tour begins in Cancun, Tijuana, Coatzacoalcos, Hermosillo, Oaxaca, Ciudad Juarez, Veracruz, Torreon, Tampico, Guadalajara, Culiacan, Leon, Aguascalientes, Morelia, Pachuca and Cuernavaca. The Kia brand broke record by selling 400 units in the month of December and for the month of August 1600 units are expected to be circulating all over Mexico, Kia Motors Cancun has three models of cars one Vehicle Sedan and two vans, at the moment of buying the unit Includes 7-year warranty with 150 thousand kilometers.

KIA Motors cancun started operations in December of 2015 with two branches in Cancun Bonampak and Playa del Carmen, the branches serve from 10 am to 7 pm, Kia is one of the 10 most important agencies worldwide.
KIA has won awards for its cutting-edge designs, Innovation and Security.


Book Early Travel Cancun is the Best Option

Book early trips to cancun in season Easter rose by 20% during the month of February revealed by the travel agency Despegar.com, Mexicans already have more interest to book their holiday in advance because they have realized that Travel search engines such as Bestday.com, Expedia.mx, Pricetravel.com.mx and Laudatravel.com show in their search results promo of hotels to travel in Easter week, another of the advantages is that they find availability in large majority Of hotels in cancun, Gabriel Rosillo Manager of the agency Despegar.com commented that to reserve a month in advance you can save up to 30% in Seasons High.
The advantage that Mexicans have found when booking online is that they can filter the prices from the highest to the lowest, comparing both the price, the services offered by the hotel and the location of how to get to the hotel,

There are more and more Mexicans who book online with 30 days in advance their trips to Cancun because they get a savings of up to 30 percent, even though it is high season. Mexicans generally book 4 star hotels all inclusive and decide to add the rent of Car cancun to move to the hotel and you can easily mobilize with the car, the most sought after tourist destinations in the Riviera Maya during Easter are Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres.


Renting a Car is the Best Option for Foreign Tourism

Tourists traveling to Cancun mainly from the United States, Europe and Latin America like to travel around the city of Cancun such as the Mayan Riviera, the Tulum ruins, the fresh water cenotes, so that tourists book the rent in advance Cancun cars for up to three days, another advantage of booking a car is that you can use it to move from the airport to the hotel where you spend your holiday, usually the European tourist rent a car for up to 2 weeks, this Type of tourism likes to make trips in places like Valladolid and know the tourist attractions in this area in depth because they deliver the car in that same city clear that this service has an extra cost, but this has its advantage that you do not waste time in Take buses that would take you a long time to take it and get to your destination.

European, American and Latin American tourism has found many advantages when renting a car in Cancun, one of which is that reservations in advance, another is that now is a long time when moving from one place to another.


Increases 15% of Car Reserves in Cancun

15% of the users who surf the internet decide to reserve the car rental in cancun because it is easier to use the car search engine that allows them to compare both the price and the characteristics of the cars and the area where they will pick up their car as well Of which they can pay months without interest with two credit cards,

More and more users join online when searching for cars in cancun, the advantages of using this method is because people have found that they have many options in the search results can compare the price of the car with different leasing companies at the same time And choose the available area where they take your car.

Rent a car in cancun

Our sales team conducts negotiations every year with the leading car rental agencies in Cancun. We have a state-of-the-art price comparator integrated in our car search engine, giving you the best prices with a wide range of new all-terrain vehicles, family vans, cars Economic benefits.
Rent-autos-en-cancun.com has everything so that your trip to the city of Cancun is unforgettable enjoying the wonderful white sand beaches reach the beaches of cancun, if you are in the airport it will take you 15 minutes to arrive So that you can sunbathe and take one of your favorite drinks, choose the car that suits you, remember that in high season the tourist areas are full so we recommend visiting the surroundings of can-cun and visit its main attractions.
We have agreement with EuropCar we recommend the car rental plan in cancun choose the model that suits your needs to make a reservation from our website it is very easy to book a car you just have to enter in our car finder the date of arrival and the Place may be the international airport, the hotel zone or the city of cancun, avoid having deals with coyotes lessor that are in the surroundings of the airport.


Rent a car in America Car Rental from our web rent-autos-en-cancun.com you have the guarantee that you will feel comfortable with the car that you choose we are the first car rental company in cancun near the airport, the reason why We are near the international airport of cancun is because it is one of the largest in Mexico, when you rent a car you have the facility to move to the hotel zone or downtown area where your hotel is renting a car has the advantage of Which will not depend on another type of transportation that make us lose a lot of time our branches have service from Monday to Sunday and at the airport until 24 hours a day.

If you are passionate about archeology, visiting Chichen Itza will enchant you to arrive by car to this wonder of the world it will take you approximately 3 hours, to visit Tulum will take the same time to cross it so is that you have the decision of which attraction to visit first, but it is You may also have the curiosity to swim in the fresh water cenotes found in the Riviera Maya, and why not if you already chose car rental in playa del carmen you can go shopping in the commercial squares of cancun.
You choose where to pick up your car in playa del carmen or in the airport of cancun or in the riviera maya, our branches are very well located in all the Riviera Maya you can request an additional Gps concosto at the time of picking up your car if you want So you can know more about the best attractions of cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico Car Rental


Thrifty is another of our partners and you can book from rent-autos-en-cancun.com we have more than 20 branches in the city and surroundings of cancun like the ecological park xcaret, Tulum, Chichen Itza, we know that you are looking for the best Cost and service for you to ride cancun, laudatravel has the perfect mix that are the price, reliability of the car, functionality and that the car is effective the moment you drive our prices on our website do not contain hidden prices.
Cancun is the most visited beach city by national and international tourism, one of the best attractions are its turquoise beaches and its fine white sand, the city of can-cun is the center of departure to know many archeological sites heritage of culture Maya to mention some of the ruins of Chichen-Itza located in Merida Yucatan, Las Ruinas de Tulum the best way to know these interesting archaeological sites is renting a car and cancun or playa del carmen to enjoy the best Best Day on the Riviera Maya.

The Payless car rental service in cancun airport with a wide range of cars with service 24 hours, you can also pick up your car in the downtown area of ​​the city and hotel zone.

If you are on the border of Guatemala and Belize we will provide you with the necessary documents so that you can easily pass the border of these countries, we have cars for rent in cancun economic prices already include taxes and you can book online from our website.


If you already have planned your next trip to the city of Cancun and you want to know more of this tourist destination an option to mobilize you are by means of the urban transport another means is the rent of cars cancun avis, you can add to the time of booking Gps so that you You can guide if it is the first time you visit Cancun and its surroundings the cost of our cars include taxes, we have the most complete car fleet in the market including European cars, Asian and American cars, we have the car rental service In the airport of cancun the branch gives service 24 hours, the advantage of renting a car is that when you arrive at the airport and transfer to your hotel you will not share the car with other travelers, and another advantage that you have the service of the car depending Of the days that lie.


If you are thinking of renting car in cancun with alamo during your holidays without hesitation is the best option because this type of service has many advantages, one of them is that you can mobilize without problems and to book a car is even faster as it You can do from cell phone since our website is adaptive to mobile devices, the prices of our cars are competitive, so that you have the opportunity to visit the best points of interest in the city, stay tuned for Promotions in our networks social.
Did you know that Cancun’s airport is the second largest in Mexico, constantly receiving domestic and international flights renting a taxi at the airport is expensive compared to renting a car at the airport as you have it at your service throughout Day which allows you to move from the airport to your hotel you can tour the boulevard Kukulkan and not only that but also you can know most of the attractions of the city of cancun Continental.

Tourists visiting that visit the city of cancun review reviews on tripadvisor and take the alternative of renting cars in cancun economic because they have a great advantage that save as much fuel as possible which allows you to visit more attractions in the surroundings of the city, Our fleet of cars has compact cars, family cars, truck rentals, economic cars like i10 different so you can mobilize as you want.

If you are looking for cheap cars in the city of Cancun is the best option for you to know Cancun without worrying about how to move from one place to another, another advantage of renting a car is that if at the time of booking your accommodation did not include food plan included , With your car you can mobilize without complications to restaurants in the hotel zone, restaurants in the commercial squares of cancun hotel zone and center of the city.
Our luxury car offices open every day including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. We have cheap car rentals, mid-size cars, jeep truck rentals, Suv’s family vans, 4×4 vehicles. You can pick up and deliver the Car at Cancun International Airport it is advisable that when you book a car you add medical expenses insurance and civil liability and 0% deductible and taxes.


We are one of the best arendadoras of cars in Cancun with new and reliable fleet if already you chose a tour in cancun then the best option is to rent a car so that you enjoy to the maximum of that tour, the advantage of traveling by car is that all the freedom To visit different tourist places of cancun and its surroundings

Who would not like to know full cancun and know why it is one of the most important tourist destinations nationally and internationally and better than doing it with car that suits your pace so you can continue exploring to the maximum if you decide to rent a car all Terrain, family, economic or luxury you can do it online from your cell phone our website adapts to mobile devices to provide you with the online reservation service prices of our cars include taxes, we have branches in strategic points of the city of cancun with Aim that you have no problems at the time of picking up your car and enjoy your trip to the maximum.


At the moment of booking a car in cancun is delivered with the full tank of fuel so when you deliver the car you have to cover one of our requirements that is to deliver the full tank otherwise you will be charged the remaining fuel.

As you can find cheap cars on our site everything depends on the time when you book as the rate of all our cancun is calculated based on the booking schedule to be able to pick up the car must present an official credential, driver’s license or international driver’s license Or passport this is so that you can identify yourself and email.


The city of cancun is part of the state of Quintana roo, cancun has grown rapidly becoming the most important tourist center of Mexico, in its surroundings the best attractions are Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and the best way to know these places is That you choose the rent of economic cars in cancun so that you can cross each tourist attraction to your rhythm we recommend that you choose an economic car so that you save fuel and you can use without problem the air conditioning because the temperature in these tourist zones is of 25.5 degrees Centigrade during the day.
Rent-autos-en-cancun.com committed to providing the best service for renting cheap, compact, family cars and luxury vehicles, the prices of our cars are competitive.

Our fleet of cars in cancun is renewed every year with the aim of providing you with a new and reliable fleet, something that you have to take into account is that you can not reserve a car without credit card and that this covers the deposit of the car warranty .

We have car rental at cancun airport really cheap prices with the best service in car rental, we have a comprehensive insurance coverage for cars with the highest protection for your best satisfaction and comfort.

The taxi service and transfers in cancun turn out to be more expensive and at the same time uncomfortable because you have to share the transport with other users that is why our goal is to have the best rates on compact cars, family cars and more.

Our branches are perfectly located throughout the city of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera in Cancun. We have branches in the hotel zone, downtown area, airport, our wide range and new fleet of cars are ready for your service.

You should know that most of the cancun car rental companies have insurance with full coverage for damages or theft, the fleet of cars of the lessors are updated annually, the prices of the cars are competitive so that you choose the best option the mission of Every car agency is that your car is safe and you enjoy the best comfort, prices already include taxes.

The included insurance you can add to your car are:

Free mileage

Collision damage insurance

Third party damage insurance

Robbery insurance

Occupant insurance

Medical expense insurance

Legal assistance insurance

Additional drivers

Roadside assistance


Renting a car in cancun with hertz on our website rent-autos-en-cancun.com is one of the best options to know more of its tourist attractions you can book from cheap cars in cancun with offers available all year, the Car prices vary according to your choice you can choose a compact car like an aveo that is one of the most reserved for your ample space and saving in gasoline which allows you to travel with family the best places and tourist points of the city of Cancun


Rent a car in Cancun

Knowing them completely is a great challenge and the best economic way, practicing driving and knowing every corner of the Mexican caribbean, thousands of national and international tourists travel annually to these beach destinations.

Rent a car in Cancun or playa del carmen the advantage of this service is that if you book a tour that includes transportation you can save yourself the shuttle service and not be at the races or wait the trucks until they arrive for you or worse even with the bags from one place to another.

Another advantage you get when you rent a car in Cancun is that you have the opportunity to know different tourist attractions and the best without hurry.

Do not think so much and choose a car rental company in Cancun and go on a trip to your destination and know at your pace the best attractions of Cancun and the Riviera Maya like, Playacar, Xaret, Xelha, Tulum and in Merida Chichen Itza or Valladolid These attractions are very close to 3 to 4 hours by car.

In our car catalog you can choose from mini, compact, armored, intermediate, jeep, van, auto convertible or Sports Cars

To save you the transfer to the Hotel Oasis you can book your car and pick it up at the airport of the city of cancun, the rent of our cars include taxes we have strategic points of return in cancun, beach of the carmen, and the Riviera Maya, with our partner Sixt


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